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Zeds Products and Services are not limited to any 1 coin or only privacy coins. 

in fact our Transaction processing and Master node project covers several blockchains and coin infrastructures.

IN addition Zed does not request nor focus on making money by raising investment into Zed coin particl Coin or others.  The Reason is Simple we Make our incomes from Master node operations , green fuels for producing carbon free power and gas and transaction fees and services we provide to our point of sales and batm clients and site. 

Privacy Coins are Money with no restrictions.

Privately send and receive money with no restrictions and no middleman.

It's easy, fast, and safe. It’s just like cash, but digital!

What is the PART currency?

Fiat Money still relies on the same old financial system that takes control away from you, tracks your every move, costs you a lot to use, and limits what you can do by putting countless restrictions in your way. To make things worse, those who issue the money can simply print as much of it as they see fit, decreasing your purchasing power and giving themselves more power every time they do so. That needs to change, and luckily it is changing fast daily and hourly now as more people discover the digital finance age

And then came Bitcoin...
In 2008, Bitcoin came and rocked the world of finance. It is the first currency to ever allow money to be transacted, on the internet, without requiring any third-party and without facing any restriction. It's a decentralized and digital form of currency that nobody can access, move, or freeze without your consent.

However, Bitcoin has not been built with privacy in mind. The recent improvements to blockchain tracing technologies, combined with the enormous rise in data mining, has highlighted an urgent problem for digital currencies like Bitcoin; they permanently leak all your financial information to the public.

And then came Particl...

Particl (PART) is the modern version of Bitcoin. It has all the same benefits, but it's also completely private, faster, and more flexible. It's built from the same code as Bitcoin, but several improvements have been made to protect your data and face the many challenges of today.

PART is the native and settlement currency of Particl's free market economy. Not only is it used by every application of the Particl ecosystem (i.e., Particl Marketplace), it's also what determines your voting power in the network's decentralized and democratic governance system.

Opt out of the old financial system and jump into one that's safe, private, and gives you the absolute freedom to do what you want with your money.

A modern digital currency that respects your rights

Untraceable payments

Keep your finances private. With PART, you can choose to make public transactions or private ones that are completely untraceable. The choice is yours; regardless of your needs, there's a solution for you.

Near-free payments

Keep your money for what matters in your life. PART is an incredibly affordable currency that costs a few cents or less per transaction, no matter how much you're receiving or sending out.

Borderless payments

Financial borders are a thing of the past! PART lets you make borderless payments that settle in just a few seconds without having to deal with any third-party. Say goodbye to international and remittance fees for good!

Lightning fast

A scalable and fast architecture ensures you get the reliability you need at any time. PART transactions are near-instant thanks to the Lightning Network and settle, in full, in a few seconds or minutes.

Tor-tier security

Rest easy knowing that PART's got you covered with the latest technologies. Secure your finances with protocols like Confidential Transactions (CT), RingCT, Stealth Addresses, Bulletproofs, Taproot support, and Tor. Yes, we really take your security and privacy seriously.

Reliability and always up-to-date.

PART is based on the Bitcoin code and is always kept up-to-date with its latest version. Its been improved with many modern-day features not present in the Bitcoin code that makes it faster, more private, and more flexible.

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