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Instant Trader Kits
Instantly become your own bank and begin trading and protecting your money.

Crypto Trading Kit.jpg

Price $10000 USD 

Kit Includes 

  • Apple Mac Book

  • Ledger Nano X

  • Account Bybit Premium Account

  • Web Hooks for Ai Bot Scalping

  • Ai Sub Account

  • TRading View Premium Account

  • Copy Trade Account

  • Send Receive money with out Banks

  • ZED Strategy Charts 

  • ZED Indicator's and Trade triggers

  • Web Hooks

  • Preset Social Accounts to follow

  • Preset Web tools  

  • Preset Web Trackers 

  • Preset Swap sites

  • Preset DEFI Sites

  • Preset Exchanges

  • Ethereum Charts

  • Bitcoin Charts

  • 6 months Support 

  • Out of the box you have a money printing system on the desk saving you years of work and learning ready to start your trades and tests. 

 Delivery Time is 3 Weeks By Fedex

tracking code issued after 10 days 

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