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Introducing Zero Emission Data Blockchain ZED

Sustainable and Renewable Solutions

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Our Emission Free Master Node Business

Zero Emission Data Blockchain ZED

What is ZED?

ZED Master Node Projects are scheduled to open to the public during 1 St Quarter 2023. ZED is the first blockchain project in the world to have successfully applied hardware and software together to solve Carbon Emission issues on the blockchain. The Node Plan not only represents ZED’s first open test of the community governance, but also shakes-off current rules adopted by “pseudo decentralization”.

The Zed Node Plan is designed to launch Zero Emission Data Blockchain ZED and leverage its strategic partner Secure Supplies Group’s technologies which provide efficient Hydrogen and Ammonia Fueled Power plants, and Gas Commodity production technology provider to truly realize the original Green Crypto and Green Gas designs for decentralization of fuel and currency operations globally.
We built our solutions by closely listening to our potential clientele and understanding their expectations with our product. We know how to analyze this information and customize our offering to changing market needs. Why not join our fast growing customer base? Get in touch today to learn more about the Zero Emission Data Blockchain ZED story.

What is ZED Projects Mission?

Key Technologies?

Technology Focused On The End-User

ZED services are designed for companies and people requiring everyday use.

Master node Selection and Management software.

Hydrogen / Ammonia Fueled MW Class Power Plants for Data Center and Blockchain.

BATM Crypto ATM for deposits "Fiat to Crypto" and "Crypto to Fiat Withdrawal's".

Retail Wireless Point of Sale Terminal for Crypto Billing and invoice payments. 

Transaction Switching

Quantum Computer Resistant

How? In Particl / ZED your public key isn’t (initially) made public.

While you share your Particl/ZED address with others so that they can send you coins, your Particl /ZED address is only a hash of your public key, not the public key itself.

A hash function is a one-way cryptographic function that takes an input and turns it into a cryptographic output. By one-way I mean that you can’t derive the input from the output. It’s kind of like encrypting something then losing the key.

What does that mean in English?

All of that is a complicated way of saying that while an attacker with a quantum computer could derive the private key from the public key, they couldn’t derive the public key from the Particl /ZED address since the public key was run through multiple quantum-resistant one-way hash functions.

Which means with the ZED Project using Particl your

Transactions are Decentralized Private Secure and Anonymous.

And not open to view on the Public ledger very different from a Bitcoin transaction .

No one can see what you hold or when and to who you send or receive from. 

Aka Normal Financial Privacy.

Income and Revenue Generation 

  • Revenue is generated through a combination of master-noding, price gains , Transaction fees and Renewable and Sustainable Power /Gas services that work in unison to leverage each other in their own ecosystem .

  • Since inception, Zero Emission Data Blockchain ZED has not only grown considerably, but has also encompassed other areas to stabilize and leverage revenue. These include its own listed cryptocoin ZED, its own decentralized exchange, and a crypto-denominated shopping area. Further services, cooperation's and business cases are in progress.
    Started as a side project in 2018, Zero Emission Data Blockchain ZED entered an extensive beta phase with a group of hand-picked early-adoptors at the end of 2022.

  • Over the next 32 months (beta-testing and live operation), Zero Emission Data Blockchain ZED generated a Staking return of 6.5% PA  for those participants – despite the Corona crisis.

Returns we Offer you for Staking with our
Master Node Project 

  • Revenue generated Monthly for Staking 2022: 6.5% PA
    Integrated projects contributing to the yield 

  • Average monthly yield projection  10%
    – this equates to an annual yield potential of 120% (or 213.84% compounded)

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Our Innovative Technology

The ZED Node Plan Adopts an Emission free & Carbonless Node Mechanism

Unlike other permissionless blockchain projects that use a single application process, the ZED Node Plan introduces an Emission free & Carbonless Node Mechanism. As part of the node composition, the operation mechanism refers to 100% Green Fueling of -Nodes that are designed in such a way to also provide incomes from making and selling excess power & gas commodities.

Our Stake holders can be any individual or organization that holds ZED tokens. The invitation mechanism refers to Node Stake holders that will be issued by official invitation to enterprises, academic research institutions, developers, and NPOs.

The Nodes and stake holders returns will be maintained by the company. The ZED team chose to expand upon the invitation mechanism to spread the dividend resulting from a successfully established network of nodes and compounding interest from earnings mechanism.


The ZED Node Plan Adopts an Emission free & Carbonless Node Mechanism

Minimum deposit: EUR 250,000.00

Maximum Deposit: EUR50,000.000.00

Payout: yearly 

The contract can be cancelled at any time after the 8th month

Deposit and interest are paid in Euro, US-Dollar , ZED or Bitcoin

Node Deployment

Zero Emission Data Blockchain Technologies 1.jpg

As announced, the ZED-Node deployment will be divided into two phases.

The first phase marks the Main Net Go-Live where 5 Emission Free ZED-Node Hubs (60 Nodes per Hub 300 Nodes) will be created. The second phase will see an extension of nodes, with 15 new node Hubs (60 Nodes per Hub 900 Nodes)  being added for a total of 20 ZED-Node Hubs(20 Nodes per Hub 1200 Nodes), Each Node Hub will have aprox 60 HP Nodes at each location and produce H2 O2 and N2 Gases for commodities sale via our D app. The second phase is planned to commence one year after phase one.

The node cycle will last 12 months, for ZED-Nodes issued by invitation. During the invitation cycles any organization or individual applying to Join our Node Staking program will be subject to KYC procedures and subject to community supervision.




How to Participate in the ZED Node

The ZED node hub selection is divided into two phases. The first phase involves the node application and testing, which will be opened from 3 March 2023 to 3 March 2024.      


Once completed, the issuance and distribution of the first 200 BOE hardware units will be determined by ranking eligible sites according to the amount of invoiceable gas commodity clients

nearby to each Node Hub site.
The second phase involves the node hub selection. In order to strengthen the network the first batch of BOE hardware will be distributed to sites and commissioned.

How does it work?

In addition to the advantages of the blockchain as a technology, it is possible to achieve interesting yields by providing computing power and storage space in combination with special software.

ZED-Node Deployment


It is not Mining!

In recent years, “mining” based on proof-of-work consensus (PoW) has been very popular – especially with Bitcoin. However, with more and more miners competing, an ever-increasing technology investment is required, along with an ever-increasing amount of energy.

This has made mining significantly less profitable than it once was, and can often be unprofitable when electricity costs are considered. More pertinently, the impending “halving” of Bitcoin will instantly reduce mining returns by 50%!

Emission Free Masternoding

An alternate way to earn revenue is by providing technology (a master node) that relies on a proof-of-stake (PoS) approach. In Addition Zero Emission Data Blockchain ZED is earning additional incomes from Transaction fees and by Supplying Emission free Power and gas Products to data centers and blockchain operations. In addition to other wallet and transaction services a master node, like any other full node, is a node server within a network, and full nodes are important because they process transactions and store them in the blockchain. However, a master node operator has rights beyond those of a normal full node operator, and is required to manage more critical tasks – bringing the operator higher rewards. In order to obtain the status of a master node, the master node operator must deposit a specified number of the relevant coin. For this “staking”, along with performance of the required tasks and the provision of computing power plus storage space, the operator receives rewards based on the corresponding coin (proof-of-stake).

By operating appropriate master nodes diligently whilst constantly monitoring and optimizing with clever strategies, extraordinary profits can be realized

Risks and contingencies

Masternoding is NOT trading, so loss of capital is highly unlikely. Naturally, there are expenses, but servers are rented and contracts can be cancelled. Clearly, fluctuations in coin prices affect the market, and master node earnings are always in coins, but Urs and his team monitor the master nodes constantly (24/7) and are able to react quickly to any events that might impact the yield. Since the deposited stake becomes free again when a master node is switched off, Zero Emission Data Blockchain ZED can pay back deposits at any time.


A projected Dividend 5-15% pure profit – paid out Yearly  and with an interesting twist

on our side:

Should the yield drop below 5% for 3 consecutive years, your payment will be returned along with any accrued profits (if compounded). 

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